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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tonight at The deflowering of Nicki Blue

 Tonight i am going to the UPPERFLOOR at for a special party. Ive been to many and they were all great. This one has a weird vibe to it. Im not sure how i feel about it.. It really doesnt turn me on when i here it. no sexual charge no lightning or twitching going through the body so why am i going. Well i rsvped and when you rsvp you must show up. soooo, im gonna go, my plan is to breeze by the  bar because cherrytorn is bartending tonight which will probably be the highlight im going to try to get her to come from around the bar to see whats shes wearing , then perhaps try to get her to let me spank her because she may need one and im qualifyed, then hit the, for my dm shift. Souuuuuuuund goooood. Thats what brad pit would say to his men in Inglourious Bastards. come out to say hi if you have guest list action or know about the citadel introduce your self to me i love meeting new kinksters.

sincerely in leather,

Monday, April 19, 2010

Maestro Stefanos's upper floor party at "Sadists Sluts and Service Brunch"

Oall the parties i have been to this year and the latter part of last year the one that
 Maestro stefanos throws at The Upper Floor at  has been my favorite besides the private party with my personal leather family. The decor,  the energy, The dominant men and women and the subs and slaves are fantastic.  I attended the party with two beautiful submissives whos names were thorahammer and kitten, they are truly beautiful women and amazing bottoms with powerful energy. Kitten wore a collar and leash made by chainmaille mike that was just beautiful he makes jewelery and chains, chain maille amongst other things, if your into chain maille and chains drop him a line.  Thora hammer is an incredibly beautiful lady with soft white skin and hair, exotic colored eyes and a rare cutting design on her chest in the middle of her breast it is raised and is very unique.  kitten has milk chocolate soft skin beautiful hair and lips and dynamic lines and voluptuous breast.  They both served and suffered beautifully Today. I saw things in there eyes and this i will never forget. 

that is all for now until next time be well 


p.s. I know it has been sometime but things have changed for 2010 and this blog is back on track, i have several updates and real life stories of bondage discipline and sadomasochism coming soon all new for 2010 

Friday, September 18, 2009

MASTERS DEN tonight be there!

Tonight in san francisco one of the best parties of the year is happening, "Masters Den" .  Yes, if your into D/s, ettiquette protocol, auctions, sadism, masochism,  female submission and male Dominants this is the party for you. Masters Den always has brought out some of the best serious lifestylers and players who showcase there skills and property. Maestro Stefanos,  host and creator of Masters Den does a great job of bulding the enrgy and keeping the party bubbling and beteen the auction the slave position contest and various impromtu demos you cant help but to have a good time. Starts at 7:15 pm friday night tonight september 18th,2009 be there ill be at the door to greet you (so say hello)at the beginning of the party, make sure to get there early so you wont miss anything. enjoy


Saturday, September 12, 2009


   Tonight in san francisco is having its 2 anniversary party and you will have a chance to meet and greet the staff share ideas give suggestions ask questions and even play if your lucky. kink-e-zine has been in operation for 2 years and is at the center of the bdsm community in san francisco all of the staff are lifestylers and live and play in the sf bay are scene and across the globe. Each person has a unique story and lots of education.
This will be held at the SF CITADEL tonight september 12th,2009 doors open at 8:00 pm. As usual there will be all sorts of beautiful people engaging in many forms of bdsm like, bondage, sadomasochism, domination and submission, torture and fetish wear. Yes the spaceage sadist will be there too, i write a column in the true colors section of kink-e-zine called "an apprentice journey". Come say hello and lets chat a bit and if your brave challenge the cross and i will take you through some paces.

That is all for now, hope to see you tonight


Friday, September 11, 2009

The spaceage sadist finds a masochist at the end of the party. (folsom street fair addition!)

   At last! we meet once again. Glad you logged on. since last time i shared with you alot has happened. The night of the renaissance fair i had know planned scene that night and spent most of the night laughing and talking with my leather sister and friends. But close to the end of the party i met a beautiful woman with a nice corset on very voluptuous with long hair. we talked for a bit and she agreed to a spanking session. She didn't say she was a masochist but i soon found out she was very into corporal play, and very much in touch with her masochism. As i pulled her skirt up to reveal her huge round ass i noticed she ad bruises and marks from sessions previous to are meeting , she could no longer hide it at that point. I gave her a good warm up with a somewhat heavy flogger and she loved it, and we ended up doing some breast play also which was great, her breast were amazing, i marked them nicely with a riding crop that had a stiff cracker on the end of it and it left some beautiful lines on her breast above the top of her nipples on each breast. She later emailed me and thanked me with a nice note and we have since made plans to session again the weekend of the folsom street fair . the local dungeon has a party  the night before the fair so you should definitely come to san francisco and go to the and party with us september 26th,2009 then that next morning get up early and come out to the folsom street fair september 27th,2009 it will be a weekend you never forget im sure.

That is all for now tune in again for more masochism sadism and san francisco s&m fun!


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday morning

Its saturday morning early. I get up and lift weights, then i do my daily bdsm exercises, 150 swings each arm with the heavy flogger, some target practice, then some knot tieing for speed. Ive already got my volunteer shift at the local dungeon, 10 oclock dungeon monitor shift. I have no play partner set up for tonight. But the day is still early. I have some business down the peninsula then im going to comeback to san francisco and help out some of the nicest people in the community that are starting the only kink themed coffee cafe ive ever heard of right here in the middle of the san francisco leather district, wicked grounds will be the place to be in san francisco. for the kink crowd and bdsm community, plus just any regular people who like good coffee. After i help out there im going to come home and get ready for the ren faire themed party at the local dungeon, my leather sister will be there with me so it will be fun discussing and watching the play, if i dont find a masochist to work with tonight. Well, thats all for now i will update you on my night soon. Keep coming back for new updates,pics, events,knowledge and of course my adventures, be sure to comment and tell me how you like the material,and click on the banners for more hot spaceage sadist approved sites.

Thats is all for now


Monday, August 24, 2009

Finding the masochists you need in your s&m community

One thing your going to have to have if you you choose this lifestyle is thick skin. Alot of rejection and flaking. It is hard to find masochists let alone heavy ones. I have had my share of rejection and getting flaked on and still experience this from time to time but im starting to play more and more regularly now. The only thing about this is when you dont have a regular play partner or slave you never really know who your going to be playing with so it could be a heavy masochist one week and a total bondage bottom the next which is fine but you just never know so its kind of not your choice. This weekend i thought i was going to be playing with one of the strongest women i have played with and it didnt happen, last minute blow off, but i ended up having one of the best scenes i have had with my very own leather sister who recently has been able to find some time to play and come around the community again after overcoming some tough challenges. It was wonderful she not only is beautiful but muscular and very strong, she proved to be quite a heavy bottom, i applied some serious leather to her and she processed and suffered beautifully. It was very fulfilling. I used some wicked canes and straps on her. I love straps. Well, that was my weekend, so on to next week the hunt starts all over again, who will it be next weekend who will it be. My advice always have atleast 2 dates set up cause you never know whos gonna cancel.

That is all for now